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Über Seaspirit PE

The SeaSpirit PE model was introduced for 2012 season, as a successor of the very popular SeaSpirit composite model. Moving up from the OceanSpirit, we have designed a truly multifunctional kayak. It is the most evenly balanced boat in the series. The kayak hull is designed with a shallow V-bottom with hard chine and flared sides, which will secure a stable performance. This safe and stable boat is perfect for beginners, but can bring a lot of joy to an experienced paddler as well. SeaSpirit PE is designed for longer trips or even expeditions, as it has 2 oval hatches to ease the storage of Your gear. With the standard deck layout you will also have a place for an extra paddle, map, or other accessories You may need on the water. The Spirit series is the perfect choice for those, who appreciate a quality product that comes at an affordable price. Seaspirit PE comes with a rudder/skeg combination. The Spirit series are our „go-to“ boats for the paddler who doesn´t have an armada to choose from. There is always a trade-off between handling, speed, and stability; our designers had balance in mind for these kayaks. The balance changes with the skill level of the paddler. Keeping this in mind, our designers came up with four progressively advanced kayaks.


Material PE
Länge 500 cm (16’4.9”)
Breite 56 cm (22’’)
Kapazität 135 kg (298 lbs)
Cockpit 87x47,5 cm (34¼''x18⅔'')
Gewicht PE 25-27 kg (55-60 lbs)
Stauraum: VORNE oval hatch 44x26 cm (17”x10¼”)
Stauraum: HINTEN oval hatch 44x26 cm (17”x10¼’’)
Einsatzzweck Seekajak / Touring
Spritzdecke XL: 94 x 54.5 cm (37" x 21½")

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  • Luxus-Paket

     Deluxe seat & Adjustable thigh braces